My son experienced intense vomiting during the initial nine years of his life upon any consumption of non-organic milk or heavy cream (He was fine with all other dairy). Despite consulting various doctors and naturopaths, none provided helpful insights, making it a challenging and embarrassing ordeal for my son. He was unable to have cake at parties because we never knew what exactly it was made with. Just a drop on his tongue, would would lead to profuse vomiting. Unfortunately, not an exaggeration - it got worse as he got older. However, after one emotion code session with Joni, he hasn't experienced and incidents. Needless to say, his 10th birthday was wonderful, and loves whipped cream from the can!

J.G. ~ 2021

The space Joni works in is beautiful, quaint and relaxing. Nothing but positive energy!

I had my very first massage with Joni Gusoskey several hours ago. And. I. Am. Sold! Before we began, Joni simply asked if I had any particular issues that needed to be addressed. I mentioned only my sciatic nerve along the left side of my body. I didn't tell her about my possibly sore right shoulder (which is a common thing for me). Joni immediately felt the sore shoulder when she began the massage. She used just the right amount of pressure in each massage stroke during our 90-minute session. She worked quietly, which I liked A LOT because I don't like to talk during massages. My sciatic nerve feels normal again and my right shoulder is relaxed. I also feel very relaxed. I am a huge fan; I plan to see Joni on a regular basis and have already recommended her to my husband!

E.S. ~ 2023

I have a 14 year old pug/brussels griffon mix. Those she's old and has her moments, she is still full of energy and life. There was a weekend that she had a series of seizures and was vomiting and having diarrhea for for three days straight. I was very emotional because I figured she was coming to the end of her time. She was very agitated and was not sleeping much, so neither was I. When I reached out to Joni to do some clearings, I noticed a difference within 12 to 24 hours. She had stopped having seizures and her agitation slowly went away over the next few days. It's been several months now, and my little old lady is back to having her zumiez in the yard again!

~ Julie K.  2023 


"A lot of people don't realize that certain emotions actually cause disease in specific organs. This has been known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Emotions of fear effect the reproductive organs, the kidneys' and adrenals. 


Directly effects the bladder & Kidneys

Frustration & Anger

it's toxic to the liver

Sadness & Depression,  divorce, loosing a loved one,

colon & Lungs which is your immune system

Anxiety & Nervousness

affects the heart, small intestines & nervous system

if someone is a big worrier,

it affects the spleen, pancreas & Stomach


And so specific emotions drive disease in specific organs and I can tell you from working with thousands of patients,

taking care of the emotion aspect of health is just as important,

if not more important, than changing the diet."


 ~Dr. Josh Axe DNM,DC,CNS